Why Do Sales People Fail: Some Personal Thoughts

Why Do Sales People Crash and Burn…..

1- They Don’t Like Sales:

Too many people take a sales job based on a recruiters promise of never ending commissions and a wonderland type workplace where they all play racquetball, show up to work late and leave when they like. They take these jobs based not on a love for sales, but on the dream of big money and flexible work schedules-these people inevitably fail. It is a very simple proposition, if you don’t like or respect the job of selling, you will not succeed. Your customer can and will tell when you don’t like or respect your sales job, they can sense the difference between a salesperson that likes to sell and one that only likes to cash the commission check. This point sums up very easily, if you don’t like to sell, don’t be a salesperson, you will fail..

2-They Don’t Believe in the Company or Product:

Your cant sell what you don’t believe in or even worse what you think is garbage. I can’t count the number of salespeople that have tried to pitch me on a product that they obviously wouldn’t buy theirselves and sometimes disdain having to sell. I know a lot of salespeople will tell me that it doesn’t matter if I believe in the product, I can sell anything to anyone, and, to a point this may be true, but when you don’t believe in your product, even if you can fake it verbally and emotionally, your lack of belief and confidence In your product always shows up. It shows up In Your body language, in unintentional changes in pitch and in many other small and often unnoticed things done by the salesperson. But, as a salesperson, you may not notice these tells, as a customer, we are looking for them and pick up on them quickly. If you find yourself in a position where you don’t believe in the product, talk to your manager about this problem, make him or her convince you that what they represent is a good product and worth selling. If your sales management can’t convince you that the product is worth selling, then maybe it is not, and start looking for another job because failure will be knocking on your door in that situation.

3- They Don’t Have a Routine:

A good salesperson has a routine, one for in office, in the field and in front of customers. If you have ever observed a superstar salesperson at their job, you will notice that they do a lot of the same things both during, before and after their sales pitch. Being a salesperson is like being an athlete, you need to have consistency and routine. You warm up the same way, you throw your pitch the same every-time and if you let yourself get thrown out of your rhythm, you stumble. Routine is important to keep you focused especially when facing multiple rejections and failures. A salesperson without a routine will be greatly effected by rejection but a salesperson with a strict and polished routine will suffer ( if any) very little negativity brought on by mass rejection.

4- They Don’t Ask for the Sale:

This problem plagues many salespeople in every industry and I can’t count how many times I have gone with salespeople to observe them and they do everything right, a good routine, a great pitch, product belief, they love to sell, but we walk away without the business and when everything aligns but you don’t get the sale, there is normally one thing to blame- you never asked for the sale!!!
This is the most important part of sales, ask for the sale. If you have done everything right and you believe in the product, then asking for the sale is a no brainier. A salesperson can not fear rejection and can not be timid about asking for the sale, that is why you are on the phone or in front of the customer, they know you are not there for coffee and tea, so don’t be afraid to ask, especially if you have done your job, put the pressure on the customer to reject you and give you reasons why, put them in that uncomfortable position, not yourself.

5- Management, Management, Management:

No matter how good a salesperson you are,if your management doesn’t have a plan, execute that plan, coherently convey that plan to the sales team and instill confidence in that plan, as a salesperson, you are going to have a hard time being successful. When working as part of a sales team, it is up to the management to make sure that the team members are trained, confident in what is being sold, knowledgeable in what is being sold and that they have the proper avenues for question and answer as needed. Sales management needs to have an open door policy for questions and concerns. The sales people need to know that their leadership is there to support them at all times. The sales management is in charge of putting the right people in the right places, making sure they have the tools and training to succeed and Making sure that the sales team is motivated and dedicated to and for the job. In a sales team, success can begin and end with the sales management.

A salesman, like the storage battery in your car, is constantly discharging energy. Unless he is recharged at frequent intervals he soon runs dry. This is one of the greatest responsibilities of sales leadership.
-R. H. Grant


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